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How is freezeframe INSTANT LASH applied?

INSTANT LASH is applied to the tips of your eyelashes only. The base glides onto your lashes and deposits the tiny lash extensions to the very tips of your lashes – bonding them there in a safe gentle way.


I applied freezeframe INSTANT LASH and it irritated my eye. What am I doing incorrectly?

You have applied freezeframe INSTANT LASH too close to the base of your lashes. When applying freezeframe INSTANT LASH you should only apply it to the tips of your eyelashes and not from the base up. It should not be applied like mascara. If only applied to the ends of your eyelashes you will see the effect


How many times should I be brushing the freezeframe INSTANT LASH onto my eyes?

It depends how long you want your lashes to look. When you apply freezeframe INSTANT LASH the tiny lash extensions attach to your own eyelashes and you can see them elongate your lashes instantly. You can keep brushing until you have the desired length. When you keep brushing them on, the little hairs can even attach themselves to the hairs that you have just deposited, creating even more dramatic length. You can add 4 to 8 mm in length.


Do you need to apply mascara after applying the freezeframe INSTANT LASH product to your eyes?

Yes. We recommend you always use mascara over the top of the freezeframe INTSTANT LASH as this will seal the tiny synthetic fibres to your eyelashes and keep them lasting until you wish to remove your makeup.


If I wear contact lenses can I use the freezeframe INSTANT LASH product?

freezeframe INSTANT LASH can be used by everyone including people who wear contact lenses, although the correct application is essential. To prevent the tiny synthetic hairs getting underneath your contact lenses apply them strictly only to the ends of your eyelashes.


How long does the product stay on your eyelashes once applied?

freezeframe INSTANT LASH should remain on your eyes up until it is removed. freezeframe INSTANT LASH washes of just like any eye make-up. Use a makeup remover or even simply with soap and water.


How many applications can you get from a tube of the freezeframe INSTANT LASH?

Depending on how many times you use the product, freezeframe INSTANT LASH usually lasts as long as your normal mascara. If you use it everyday it should last 2 – 3 months. Please be aware that all mascara types should not be used for more than 3 months. This will lessen the chance of developing bacteria on the wand, which can cause irritation and even infection.

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