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The number 1 universal symbol of beauty
– now yours in an instant

Now you can apply lash extensions yourself at home with freezeframe INSTANT LASH.

freezeframe INSTANT LASH are lash extensions you can simply brush on in just seconds, without having to sit in a salon for hours to have them painstakingly glued on.

The longest, thickest, curviest lashes imaginable in an instant
INSTANT LASH Brush on Lash Extensions are not traditional false lashes.

It’s not a mascara, it’s not a primer, and it’s not a clumpy, powdery white



freezeframe INSTANT LASH is different
These brush on extensions are as simple to apply as a mascara – in fact, you even apply them with a mascara wand – but that is where the similarity ends. INSTANT LASH is a combination of two unique technologies which creates the most dramatic natural looking lashes you’ve ever seen.

The secret? A collection of tiny synthetic hairs, which look like real lashes, are combined in a nourishing, and thickening dark gel base.
As you apply INSTANT LASH, the base glides onto your lashes, and deposits the tiny lash extensions to the very tips of your lashes – bonding there like a safe, gentle glue.

Apart from holding your lash extensions in place, the base also curls your new lash extensions for a beautiful open eyed look.
This produces a seamless, instant lash extension that lasts all day long – without the need to glue extensions to your lashes.

Why didn’t anyone think of it before?
It was a true “aha” moment when we came up with the idea of brush on lash extensions. Even we wondered why no-one had ever thought of it before. Oh sure, there are plenty of mascara’s and primers that promise longer lashes. There have even been powdery formulations that claim a lash extending effect. But true lash extensions that you can simply brush on? It took freezeframe to think of it!

To be fair, perhaps others have tried to produce a technology that can “brush on” real lash extensions – but they just didn’t have the technology to keep them in place. Now, with Instant Lash, lash extensions are yours to apply at home, thanks to our bonding base technology. Sexy, glamorous, youthful eyes are now yours – in an instant. Just brush them on!

Instant Lash Extensions

Just brush
them on!

Adds 4 - 8 mm length instantly

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Instant Lash Extensions